How to Make a Plastic-Straw Christmas Tree

To make this very simple Christmas tree, all you need are bright-coloured plastic straws, a wooden skewer, Play-Doh, and a toilet roll.

  • Cut the toilet roll in half.
  • Cut a rectangle of felt 15.5cm x 8cm.

  • Add hot glue to both ends of the felt.
  • Roll the toilet roll up in felt, sealing the felt onto the toilet roll.

  • Cut lots of plastic straws into 4 different lengths.
  • Punch a hole through the centre of each straw.

  • Place some Play-Doh onto a plastic lid and secure the wooden skewer into the Play-Doh.
  • Place the felt roll over the skewer.
  • Thread on the longest straws first, arranging them in different directions.

  • Keep adding the straws until they fill the skewer, leaving a small gap at the top of the skewer,
  • Draw and cut out a yellow paper star and glue it to the top of the skewer.

Isn’t it sweet? We have ours on display as part of our Christmas decorations this year.

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