How to Make a Dachshund Softie


July is “Sew a Softie Month,” organised by Trixi from Coloured Buttons.

This year, I decided to make something I loved as a child, a very-1970’s brown and yellow dachshund soft toy. I thought it would be sweet to make a similar one with my daughter. Plus, I’ve been holding on to some daisy fabric I found as a retro treasure back in my uni and share-house days, never knowing quite what to do with it. Now I did!

I completed my softie project with machine sewing, mostly because the dachshund was too large for hand sewing. If the pattern was downsized, a child could easily hand sew it. In our case, my daughter was very excited that she could have a go at the sewing machine. She also helped me cut out the pattern and fill the dachshund with stuffing.


Dachshund pattern
Googly or felt eyes
Hot glue gun



  •  Download and cut out the pattern.
  • Pin the pattern to your fabric and cut out the pieces.


  • Starting with the dog’s body, pin the right sides of the fabric together.
  • Begin sewing from under the dog’s belly, sewing all the way around until you get to the tail where you want to leave a 4 cm gap.
  • Sew from the gap around the back of the dog until you reach under the belly, leaving another 4 cm gap for the stuffing. (Check the diagram to see where to sew.)


  • Pin the right sides of the tail fabric together and sew all around, leaving the bottom open for stuffing.
  • Stuff the tail.


  • Insert the tail in the gap you left and sew the tail into the seam. (Check diagram for instructions.)


  • Turn the dog inside out.
  • Stuff with stuffing through the opening under the dog’s belly.
  • Sew up the gap.


  • Pin the right sides of the ear fabric together and sew around the ear, leaving a gap for the stuffing.
  • Stuff the ears.
  • Hand sew the opening closed.


  • Pin and hand sew the ears onto the dog.
  • Glue on the googly eyes, or make the eyes out of felt and glue or hand sew them on.

The dachshund is now finished! I hope you love your dachshund as much as we love ours!

Also, at the end of this month, there will be a round-up, so please check out all the other Sew a Softy Posts Here! And the group’s Facebook page.








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