Alien Boppers


In this video we are going to make Alien Boppers. The boppers are a great accessory for a Halloween costume or a Birthday Party.

What you will need:
Two ping pong balls
Two slinkies,
Two googly eyes
Glue gun

1. Glue on the googly eyes to the ping pong balls, hold until the glue sets.
2. Glue around the edge of the slinky and stick that to the ping pong ball, on the opposite side to the goggly eyes.
3. Glue around the opposite end of the slinky and quickly stick that to the headband. Do the same with the other eyeball slinky.
4. I found that the slinkies drop down too far, so I tied a piece of thread around half of the slinky coils, to hold them together. Or you can use glue.

Now you are ready to go and bop out at Halloween with your Alien Boppers.

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bopper-2-1024x644 alien-b1-1024x687

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