Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

These Ice cream Cupcakes are pretty easy to make and something I generally include in my list of party foods. They look like ice cream, which the kids love, but there’s no issue with them melting! Here is how to make these Ice cream Cupcakes :. Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes What you need: 1 chocolate […]


Play-Doh Porcupine (stop motion movie)

  This poor little porcupine just wants a hug! This craft is inspired by the book “I Need a Hug,” by Aaron Blabey. After reading the book to the kids, we decided to make a simple stop-motion movie with the kids to bring the porcupine to life. We made our little porcupine out of Play-Doh […]


Crayon Rubbing

What you will need: School glue Cardboard or paper Crayons in a range of colours White paper To give the kids some inspiration and to show them what to do, I created a tree with my crayon rubbing. Then it was over to them, so I handed the bottle of glue to my son and […]


Fox Mask Pattern

This project is super easy for the kids to make! This cute handmade fox mask has a free pattern to download from here! The mask is great for dress ups, perfect as a gift or as a party favour. It can also work as a party art and craft activity and if you are stuck […]


How to make Paper Bunny Puppets for Easter

Here is a little animation the kids and I made together. I hope you like it! Let’s Make the Bunnies! Download the bunny template here! – Print out your bunny using coloured paper (or colour it in yourself). – Cut out the bunny pieces. – Glue the strips together to make two loops. – Join […]


Salad Spinner Painting

Using the bottom of the salad spinner basket as a guide, draw a circle onto a piece of paper. Cut the circle out and place it in the bottom of the basket. Add your paint onto the paper. Put the salad spinner together and have your toddler turn the handle as fast as they can […]


DIY Feather Keyrings

What you need: A painted feather Coloured wooden beads A strip of thin leather Keyring To make the Keyring: Paint the feather with water colour paint and allow to dry. Cut leather strip to the length you want then tie it to the keyring Thread the wooden beads onto the leather strip Add the feather […]


Unicorn Paper Hand Puppet

We love unicorns! Do you? This puppet is super easy to make; all you need is an A4 piece of paper and our unicorn printable (which you can download here)! Don’t forget to leave a comment telling me what puppet I should make next! PIN IT!!!!


Minecraft TNT Party Favours

What you need: Cardboard rolls Red tissue paper TNT label download Here Double sided tape Lollies  Instructions: Fold and squish the rolls to make them square shape. Measure the tubes to 10cm in length and cut the tube to size. Measure and cut a square of tissue paper to 18cm along each side. Add the […]

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