How to make this simple paper Lion

These instructions are for how to make a simple paper lion. This lion is a movable puppet, its head able to move from side to side. This craft involves paper cutting, painting, and glueing and is easy enough for your child to make. However, an adult will need to push the brad through the paper […]

Many Faces of Marvin

Meet Marvin, the junkyard robot-man made from all sorts of bits and bobs! This has been a fun collaboration between Meet Make Create and Make Film Play. I challenged myself to make a stop motion using Reverse Garbage from one of Meet Make Create’s workshops, and decided to morph each object into a different Marvin character […]

How to Make Cute Butterflies Out of Cupcake Liners.

This tutorial will show you how to make these cute butterflies out of cupcake liners. We discovered that these butterflies could be made into quick and easy decorations for parties, sweet cards when attached to cardboard, or even garland! Watch the video below to see how we made the butterflies!  

DIY Felt Christmas Card

Create this sweet felt Christmas tree card for the holiday season. This card is so fun and simple to make! Just gather up your equipment and follow the video instructions to see how we made this Christmas card. What you need: Different coloured felt Cardstock Ruller Pencil Scissors Glue Hole punch This is such a […]

Scandinavian Christmas Gnome

I enjoyed making this cute and eccentric Christmas decoration, and have my gnome sitting proudly displayed on my mantelpiece. My post is part of the Sew a Softie for Christmas project held by Trixi over at Coloured Buttons. What you will need: One piece of red felt and one piece of grey felt Wool or […]

DIY Seed Pod Echidna (Stop Motion Animation)

In this video we decided to look to nature for inspiration and created this craft project using a spiky eucalyptus seed pod we found. We made the seed pod into a very hungry echidna, who is busy eating ants in the animation. Watch this video to see the step by step tutorial on how to […]

How to Make a Popsicle Stick Fish (Stop-Motion)

If you have some leftover popsicle sticks and tissue paper, why not make them into these not-so-cute fish puppets. Materials: Popsicle sticks Tissue Paper Glue Scissors Green paper for the eyes Black paper for the eyes Check out the video to see how we made the Piranhas    

Make this bangle from a recycled plastic bottle

We love making recycled jewellery and this bangle is really easy to make! Please note: this craft involves the use of sharp scissors, and melting plastic. Therefore adult participation is essential. Materials: Plastic soda bottle Ruler Pen Scissors Art Knife Blow pens Clear acrylic sealer spray Iron Watch the video see how we made this […]

Minecraft Creeper Cakes

There are so many creative ideas for Kids Birthday Cakes on the internet. I’m not a cake decorator, I have very little skill in this area but I wanted to give it a go to show you that even if you do not possess skills of a professional cake decorator you can actually make something […]