Alien Boppers

In this video we are going to make Alien Boppers. The boppers are a great accessory for a Halloween costume or a Birthday Party. What you will need: Headband Two ping pong balls Two slinkies, Two googly eyes Glue gun 1. Glue on the googly eyes to the ping pong balls, hold until the glue […]

Halloween Bunting

First of all download this template from here and cut out the shapes. Trace around the flag template and cut out five pieces. Fold the top of the flag along the dotted line, then glue the Halloween shapes onto the front of the flags. Measure out the string to fit the area you’ll be hanging […]

How to Make a Ladybird Puppet

In this project, we make an awesome ladybird hand puppet. This is a very simple project that kids will enjoy making and a free template is included. Watch the video or follow the instructions below. Let’s begin! What you need: Ladybird Template Download Template Here! Black construction paper (letter size / A4 size) Glue scissors Tape […]

How to Make a Jellyfish from Craft Sticks

I was thinking about making a jellyfish from crafts sticks and gave it a go. I attempted so many different versions, using a bunch of different materials, but the characters I was creating just wouldn’’t look like jellyfish! Then I had a breakthrough! Why didn’t I bend the craft stick!  So, I tried it out […]

How to Make This Koala Finger Puppet With a Free Template

This cute homemade koala finger puppet is a quick and easy craft for kids to make and a fun toy for them to play with later. Start by printing the free template on some cardstock. Next, colour the koala in and then cut it out. Glue the koala’s face together, then turn it over and […]

Bicarb Soda Paint

This is a great toddler activity to do. It involves lots of painting and listing to the sizzling the bicarb soda makes when you paint or drop vinegar onto the picture. It also makes a lovely swirly pattern with the paint. What you need 2 tablespoons of bicarb soda for each colour Food colouring Water […]

Avengers Assemble Helicopter Template

Avengers Assemble Kinder Surprise + Craft In this video, we are unboxing Avengers Assemble Kinder Surprise, for the crafting part of the video we are making a helicopter out of the Kinder Surprise Egg. Template:

How to Make a Snake Bubble Maker

I was really surprised how well this bubble maker worked, not only was it easy for my three-year-old to blow bubbles, but she could make the bubbles into a long snake. What you will need: Soft drink bottle. Scissors or an art knife. T-shirt fabric. One rubber band Bubble solution. 1.  Cut the bottom off […]

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