Play-Doh Porcupine (stop motion movie)

  This poor little porcupine just wants a hug! This craft is inspired by the book “I Need a Hug,” by Aaron Blabey. After reading the book to the kids, we decided to make a simple stop-motion movie with the kids to bring the porcupine to life. We made our little porcupine out of Play-Doh […]

Paper Plate Birds

  When it comes to crafting with the kids, I have to say paper plates are one of my favourite resources. Paper plates are so versatile. We have created party hats, characters such as monsters and dinosaurs, and cute animal face masks. This time we tried something a little different. My youngest is very interested […]

Create Your Own Solar System Mobile

I wanted to make something for Mr 7, but didn’t want it to be entirely ‘from scratch’. We found this “Create your own Planet” kit, which I happily gave to Mr 7 for him to start without me and asked him to call me if he needed help. He did require assistance when it came […]

How to make a picture frame using plastic straws

We found a great way to frame our kids’ drawings by using plastic straws! First, if you’re using bendy straws, cut off the bendy part of the straw. Measure the sides of the picture you want framed and cut the straw to size. Cut down the center of your straws. Measure approximately 35 centimeters and […]

Mixing Colours

This stop motion video is all about what happens when you mix primary colours together. My little one is so interested in which colours mix together, I got her to help me make this animation.