How to Make a Jellyfish from Craft Sticks

I was thinking about making a jellyfish from crafts sticks and gave it a go. I attempted so many different versions, using a bunch of different materials, but the characters I was creating just wouldn’’t look like jellyfish! Then I had a breakthrough! Why didn’t I bend the craft stick!  So, I tried it out […]

“Sew a Softie for Valentine’s Day” Round-up.

My Grumpy Cat is part of a series of very crafty sewers who love to create softies. The theme for this series is “Sew a Softie for Valentine’s Day.” Here is a list of the group’s softie tutorials. Click on the links below to see all of the softie options! Cute pocket kitties from Swoodson […]

Mini Heart Garland + A Heart-shaped Envelope

Here is a free printable on how to make this sweet heart garland and heart envelope; what a sweet way to make someone’s Valentine’s Day very special! Watch this video to see how we made the garland and heart-shaped envelope! Download the free template here! Heart Template  

Grumpy Cat Valentine’s Day Softie

  I may look like I’m a little disinterested, a little aloof… You probably think that I am not the type to like Valentine’s Day—well, I might have a fur ball-sized soft spot for Valentine’s Day. However, I will not tolerate kisses or cuddles, and this is my “I love you face” so don’t ruin […]

DIY Felt Christmas Card

Create this sweet felt Christmas tree card for the holiday season. This card is so fun and simple to make! Just gather up your equipment and follow the video instructions to see how we made this Christmas card. What you need: Different coloured felt Cardstock Ruller Pencil Scissors Glue Hole punch This is such a […]